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Rashid al-Malik intelligence agent for UAE

Three days before President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Rashid al-Malik was invited to a dinner party. Al-Malik has been connected to the illegal influence and donations into Trump’s inaugural fund and investigators are looking into al-Malik’s part in the scheme to get Trump into office, but no specific details have surfaced.

The U.S. intelligence has concluded that al-Malik has served as a paid source for the United Arab Emirates, reporting information about the Trump administration and Trump’s Middle East policy. After Rashid al-Malik was questioned as a part of the Mueller investigation he returned to the UAE.

Al-Malik’s attorney, Bill Coffield claims that al-Malik is not reporting information; he is only a businessman looking for projects and related business ventures. Coffield wrote an email claiming “to his knowledge, [al-Malik] has never discussed any business deal with ‘UAE intelligence,’” yet Coffield has declined to comment on whether or not al-Malik has been receiving a stipend from Emirati intelligence.

Whether or not al-Malik has reported information, the UAE is still flourishing, and many of their proposed foreign policies have been backed by the US President. Trump has also supported Saudi Arabia and UAE in isolating Qatar.

Not much is known about al-Malik, but he has a connection to Thomas J. Barrack Jr., a wealthy investor and one of Trump’s top fundraisers during his 2016 campaign. Barrack is Lebanese and is known for doing business on the Arabian Gulf, with countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE.

Barrack has a strong relationship with the UAE’s US ambassador. Barrack refused an offer to join the Trump administration and has been dedicated to staying at his firm.

Although Barrack claims to have no knowledge of al-Malik’s role, he was aware that al-Malik had connections to the UAE government. Although U.S. Intelligence has reported that al-Malik has acted as a spy for the UAE, the CIA and Justice Department have refused to make any comments.

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