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Whom We Are

Al-Meezan is a bi-monthly socio- cultural news Newspaper. It is a 30 years old publication.  It has never succumbed to any outside influence except to the dictates of honest and complete editing.   Throughout its lifespan, it has covered news of the Arab world and Palestine in particular, as well as crucial events that modern Arab world has witnessed lately. AL-Meezan is published in Arabic, has thus erased borders, narrowed the expanses separating Arabs and Muslim nations, and brought the expatriate community together. By doing so, it has brought the homeland for many expats close and abated their sunder and alienation. This was done in a highly professional manner with a well-attested creditability that pledges sincere allegiance to the homeland’s roots.

The vision of Al Meezan

Throughout the years, Al Meezan has had many milestones, culminating in becoming one of the most renowned Arab-American newspapers with a readership that extends from coast to coast from L.A to New York way of Chicago, Dallas, Boston and Michigan, where it is actually published.

The secret behind its strength lies in its independent and unbiased reporting of the news, which made it the crown jewel of Arab newspapers in North America.

The Mission of Al Meezan

Since its inception, Al Meezan has always preserved its values. It is a platform for unifying the Arabic speaking community and its elaborate mosaic, adhering to objectivity, professionalism, transparency and middle-of-the-road bent and free from bias reporting  of the news.

Those in charge of this newspaper acknowledge the magnitude of the responsibility that they are entrusted with so their role in reaching common grounds with their fellow citizen is of paramount importance. It is their primary motive to assure the people’s aspiration toward justice, peace and universal human rights.

The Strategy of Al Meezan

Since its early inception, through its commitment to honest reporting and the promotion of accurate journalistic professionalism, AL Meezan had has woven a loyal relationship with its readers. It continues to be responsive to the needs of its readers and plans to update its electronic rendition.

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