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Graduation of 100 individuals completing CDA (Child Development Associate credential)

On August 3, 2019, AMLC and Empowered Childcare Consulting were honored to celebrate the graduation of 100 individuals completing CDA (Child Development Associate credential) Training.  Through a grant sponsored by Islamic Relief, AMLC was able to provide an educational opportunity, which will allow the participants to work in childcare and other early childhood programs.

One of the most widely recognized credentials in early childhood education is the CDA: a national credential awarded by the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition. This credential is earned through training, experience, skills, and abilities related to working with young children ages 0 to 5 years. The CDA gives individuals opportunity of employment in the early childhood field and better pay based on the credential.

However, often individuals from other countries or speaking languages other than English are limited in access to such training. Working with AMLC to fulfil obligations of the grant, Najwa Dahdah, CEO and founder of Empowered Childcare Consulting, Inc. (ECCC) a leading CDA training organization, provided a hybrid CDA course during a ten-week period.  The program consists of intense classroom training, followed with on-line training to earn the designated number of hours required to begin the process of earning a CDA.  Providing the training in English and Arabic allowed individuals to complete the required training hours, improve English skills and prepare a portfolio of their work related to required competencies. Through her integration and support of local childcare providers, Mrs. Dahdah has been able to place CDA candidates in childcare centers to earn hours of experience and for many of the candidates a job in the field.

Thanks to the Islamic Relief funding, 5 cohorts were sponsored with a total of 100 individuals completing the CDA.  More than 170 individuals applied for the opportunity and AMLC is hopeful to continue providing services to make a difference for women entering the workforce and supporting the needs of young children.

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