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Helal Farhat sworn in as Judge for the Wayne County Third Circuit

The Honorable Helal Through the Eyes of Others

DEARBORN— N. Farah: On Wed. Sept. 18 the Honorable Helal A. Farhat was sworn in as Judge for the Wayne County Third Circuit Court by the Honorable Bridget McCormack, Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court, at the Dearborn Civic Center. Numerous Honorable Judges were in attendance, and remarks were had by professional colleagues and associates prior to Farhat being sworn in.  Gov. Gretchen Whitmer appointed Farhat for a term that expires Jan. 1, 2021, replacing Judge Vonda Evans.

A prominent Arab American and local community leader, Farhat immigrated to Dearborn with his family in 1988. He earned his undergraduate degree from Wayne State in 1999 and his Juris Doctor degree from Wayne State’s School of Law in 2002. He has practiced law for 17 years at district, circuit and federal, and established Farhat Law Firm in 2012 which specializes in business litigation, criminal law, family law and immigration law.

In his acceptance speech, the Honorable Farhat thanked his friends, colleagues and especially his family with glowing remarks.

“I stand amongst you a proud immigrant who, like many of you, came to America for opportunities, hope. […] I am the son of a community with so much to be proud of. We are, and we will always be, united—not just in our hopes for the future, but certainly the pains that brought us here. And so I am grateful to each and every one of you for helping to dispel the vile stereotypes that we as Americans of Arab descent face each and every day. This community encourages, fosters, and celebrates success,” Farhat said.

If you don’t know him already, let’s get to know him through the eyes of those who do:

Dearborn City Council President Susan A. Dabaja: “Helal is a person who listens with his whole intellect and his whole heart. His outstanding intelligence and deep compassion are two sides of the same coin, and this combination is a rare combination, which gives him an extraordinary and rare personality. […] He truly cares about other people, and works very hard and exceptionally well to preserve and earn that trust. He holds himself to a very high standard of conduct, yet he always allows himself to express compassion and tolerance for the shortcomings of others. He’s humble and considerate of other people’s state of mind.”

19th District Court Judge The Honorable Sam A. Salamey: “I witnessed firsthand his demeanor, work ethics, determination and drive, and strong advocacy on behalf of his clients, and in the span of a few years, I was looking at a very strong advocate and a seasoned attorney. I also came to know Helal personally and socially. I saw in him a man who strongly believed that the success of any individual can never be the soul of product, of one’s own’s efforts, but that it is the collective efforts of many: parents, siblings, family, friends and community. And he also subscribes to the noble notion that any individual success, no matter how significant and important, will fall short and remain incomplete unless it is dedicated to serve the greater good of the greater community.”

Wayne County Executive, the Honorable Warren C. Evans: “This is a straight shooter, this is a guy who has compassion for people, has a desire to support his community and any community, and he lives the truth as I’ve known it.”

Director of Appointments—State of Michigan Ghida Dagher: “There is no question that Helal’s career prepared him for this. As a lawyer and magistrate, he had the patience and the judicial temperament, and the commitment to the values that we all look for. But what struck me the most about Helal […] is truly his humility. [He has] strong family values, a respect to others, and hard work.”

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