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Johnson is strong contender to replace British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson wins the most support from Conservative lawmakers in the first round of campaigns to replace Prime Minister Theresa May.

After three years since voting to leave the European Union, Brexit might fall into another crisis as some candidates are preparing to leave on October 31 without making a deal. Parliament is trying to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Johnson, who led the campaign to leave the European Union, rounded up the support of 114 Conservative lawmakers and expressed his gratitude for winning the first round of voting on Twitter.

The closest rivals to Boris Johnson’s campaign are: Jeremy Hunt, the foreign minister, who won 43 votes; Michael Grove, the environment minister, with 37 votes; and the former Brexit minister, Dominic Raab, with 27 votes.

Betting markets are favoring Johnson, giving him a 70% chance of winning the election.

Boris Johnson, the former London mayor and foreign minister, is conducting a very subtle campaign, opting to remain out of the spotlight and trying to avoid scandal. Although he received the majority of the votes, Johnson concedes there is still much work to be done in preparation for the next round of voting. The second round of voting, planned for June 19 and June 20, will limit the pool to just two candidates. It is then up to the Conservative Party to choose a new leader.

Jeremy Hunt was quick to warn members of the party of the impact this campaign will have on Britain. Hunt tweeted “This serious moment calls for a serious leader.”

Johnson heads his campaign with the pledge to lead Britain out of the European Union on October 31st, warning against any delays. He argues that if Britain is prepared for a no-deal Brexit, the EU will bend to his argument to remove Northern Irish backstop to prevent a return to a hard border with Ireland if a future trade deal is not agreed upon.

With Ireland refusing to change the backstop, it is becoming more likely that there will not be a deal set on November 1st, 2019, although this outcome is undesirable.

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