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Pfizer hides effects of major drug that could prevent Alzheimer’s

The drug company Pfizer created an anti-inflammatory drug Enbrel, which seemingly could lessen the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, but refused to make the information public and share it with the world. This decision was made based on the company’s insecurity about whether or not Enbrel would be worth testing in a clinical trial.

Although the company spokesperson, Ed Harnaga, claims that the decision was made based on science alone, many others have claimed that the research would have greatly benefitted the science community in pursuit of finding a cure or affective medicine to treat Alzheimer’s.

Pfizer has since announced that no further testing would be made for Alzheimer’s in January 2018. The end of the Alzheimer’s research also means the end to many jobs within the division.

Still, there is speculation that Pfizer refused to continue testing Enbrel, and closed the facility, as a response to the many generic brand drugs that have been popping up. Pfizer, much like many other drug companies, could have refused a trial in attempt to avoid a competitive market.

Although there have been many instances where drug companies have not been completely honest about the effects of their drugs or to keep results away from the public eye, it is rare for a company to hide the positive effects their drug has. Pfizer did not take the risk of putting Enbrel through a clinical trial and the search to find a drug that treats Alzheimer’s disease continues.

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